Program Assistant Subsidy Policy

The majority of the costs of running a skating club are the high fees for ice rental. The number of skaters on the StarSkate sessions are too few to cover ice costs so those programs are run at a loss. Without the subsidization from the CanSkate income, we would not be able to run the StarSkate program. In appreciation of this subsidization of this subsidy, we request that each SatrSkater over age of 12 donate a minimum of one hour per week (total 20 hours per year) to the CanSkate program as a program Assistant. Our Program Assistants are valuable members of our coaching staff and make the PreCanSkate and CanSkate session safer and more enjoyable for all the coaches and skaters. Many of our Program Assistant go on to train and become professional coaches themselves. Program Assisting qualifies for high school volunteer hours and a letter of participation is prepared for each coaching assistant at the end of each season to present to their high school guidance offices.

In support of our Program Assistant policy, effective September 2015 a refundable $100 StarSkate Program Assistant buyout will be charged at the beginning of each season as part of your registration fee (ages 12+). After completing your 20 volunteer hours, this subsidy will be refunded to the skater. If a skater chooses not to participate as a Program Assistant, then they will be considered to have “bought-out” their subsidization and no refund will be given. New StarSkaters who begin skating in January, 2019 will be prorated at $50 for the season with a 10 volunteer hour commitment for subsidy reimbursement.


Skate Canada Coaches are the primary teaching resource in our club and the Programs Assistants(PAs) assist in the delivery of the program. The PAs are older, accomplished skaters at the club who volunteer their time to assist the younger skaters. They receive annual and ongoing training. PAs are not required to answer any skating questions regarding your child's progress. You may, however, ask them to get the attention of the coach or relay a message. They share their love and knowledge of skating while performing various duties:

 - assisting the Skate Canada Coach to deliver the program on and off ice,

 - demonstrating skills and teaching progressions,

 - supervising practice time,

 - assisting with warm ups and cool downs under the direction of the Skate Canada Coach,

 - reinforcing learned skills,

 - assisting with on ice circuits,

 - providing individual and group assistance,

 - acting as a role model for young skaters.