How do I create a skater account?
From the home page of the GSC website, click on the "Sign In" link close to  the upper right corner of the page and choose New User.  You will be prompted to enter your information.  After you click "Register", an email activation link will be sent to the email address you entered in the information section.  Please check your junk mail folder if you do not receive this email within 10-15 minutes, as your personal computer security settings may have blocked it.  Once you have received the email, follow the instructions to activate your account.  Once your account is active you may purchase the skating program of your choice.

Do I have to create a skater account for each child in my family?
Yes, each child must have their own skating account.  Each skater's account tracks past skating program history, current membership fees paid, and allows you to print your own tax receipts.

Where can I drop off cheque payment for my child's skating program?
Payment can be dropped off at Mold-Masters SportsPlex TransCanada Rink C in our grey GSC drop box located near the Referee's Dressing Room Door or alternatively, payment can be mailed to "Georgetown Skating Club, 162 Guelph St. Suite 235, Georgetown, ON  L7G 5X7".

Do you offer payment options?
Full season programs (Sep-Mar) can be paid in full or in 3 equal instalments with post-dated cheques due Sept. 1st, Oct 1st, and Nov. 1st; must be received upon registration.  Half season (10 week) programs must be paid in full at the start of the program.

How do I get my Tax Credit Receipt(s)?
Tax Credit Receipts are automatically emailed to each skater upon registration (please ensure your email address is entered correctly and up to date in your skater account).  Tax Credit Receipts can also be downloaded from your Account History section by logging into your online Skater Account.

Do you offer half season programs?
Yes.  The GSC offers half season programs from Oct-Dec (10 Weeks) and Jan-Mar (10 Weeks).

Do you offer power skating programs for hockey players?
Yes.  The GSC offers CanPowerSkate programs for those looking to improve their hockey skating skills.  The GSC offers full or half season power skating lessons.

Where are the lessons held?
All lessons are held at Mold-Masters Sportsplex, TransCanada Rink C at 221 Guelph Street, Georgetown, ON  L7G 4A8.

What equipment is mandatory for my skater?
For all learn to skate programs - skaters are required to have hockey or figure skates (no bob-skates/double blade skates allowed), a CSA approved hockey helmet (mask is optional, this is skater preference), and warm mittens to cover hands (hockey gloves are not recommended).

Full hockey gear is requried for all PowerSkate programs (mouthguard is optional).

What is the difference between PreCanSkate and CanSkate?
PreCanSkate is for skaters with little or no skating experience who are learning to skate the basics (balancing on two feet, standing up unassisted, moving forward, moving backward).  CanSkate is for skaters who have passed PreCanSkate and are learning to further their skills and confidence.  There are 6 badge levels within the CanSkate program.

Does my child have to take PreCanSkate before CanSkate?
No.  Your child does not have to take PreCanSkate in order to take CanSkate lessons.  They must however be able to stand up unassisted, balance on two feet, move forward, and move backward.

What is PreJunior StarSkate?
PreJunior StarSkate 1 is the first level of the Skate Canada figure skating program.  Skaters must be working on CanSkate badge 4 or higher in order to qualify for this program.  PreJunior skaters skate twice per week.  You must be recommended for this program by a Club Coach.  If you are interested in this program please speak to your child's coach or contact the club at