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It's Ice Show year again!!
Sign up and join us on an amazing adventure:

Timeless Tales: told through edges and ice

Practice schedule and Photo day schedule for CanSkate, PreCan and PTot. Please click here.

Practice schedule and Photo day schedule for StarSkaters. Please click here.

What is the Ice Show?

The Ice Show is held every other year at the Georgetown Skating Club. It is a chance for all skaters of all skill levels to perform for family and friends and show them what they have learned in a fun way - it's open to fall, winter and full season skaters. The skaters will perform a routine choreographed by their coach, each group has its own song.  It's free to participate in the show and a rental costume for their routine will be provided (also free).  They will get extra ice time to practice it after the March break.


Important Dates:

Photo Day: March 30,2019. Please have skaters arrive in costume!! They need to bring skates to put on for the photo.
Dress Rehearsal: Friday, April 5th,2019
Ice Show : Saturday, April 6th, 2019,11:00am



Please watch for ice show information both on our website and at the rink!


Thank you,

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