Club Policies, Ice Etiquette


The following Policies and Ice Etiquette are in the interest of safety and courtesy to all skaters on the ice and in the dressing room. We urge all skaters and parents to review them carefully and abide by them. If any clarification is required, please ask any Board Member.
1. Program cost is not prorated due to late registration.
2.Make-up classes will not be offered as a result of RAIN, SNOW OR OTHER INCLEMENT WEATHER.
3.Make-up classes will not be offered as a result of personal illness or scheduling conflicts.
4. Young skaters and other children should not be left unattended while at the Arena. Parents of CANSKATE, PRECANSKATE, POWERSKATE and STARSKATE ONE skaters are expected to be in attendance during their lessons. Parents are not allowed on the ice during the lesson time.
5. CSA HOCKEY HELMETS are mandatory for all Parent & Tot, PreCanSkate, CanSkate and PowerSkating Programs. (CSA Hockey Equipment). Bike Helmets are not acceptable.

Helmet Use - Information for Clubs, Coaches and Parents

6. To avoid the possibility of serious falls and injury, food, gum, candy or drinks are not permitted on the ice.

7. Pushing, tripping, horseplay or intentional interference with other skates is not permitted on the ice or elsewhere in the Arena.

8. Parents / Guardians of skaters are responsible for the behavior of their children during all sessions.

9. Parents / Guardians and spectators are requested to watch sessions from the stands, not the players bench or at the entry gates, so as not to interfere with lessons or block access to the ice.

10. All times will be set by the Arena Clock.

11. Money or valuables should not be left in the change areas. The Club bears no responsibility for loss or theft of valuables left unattended.

12. Skate responsibly by watching out for others, keep heads up, and watch out for other skaters. Show respect for your fellow skaters.

13. Skaters are only allowed to skate on sessions they are qualified and registered for.

14. StarSkate One, Two and Three Guest Skating: Members may only Guest Skate(fee $25 fall/winter, $30 spring) on a session they are qualified for. The number of guests per session is at the discretion of a Board Member. Please put the payment in the gray box. Guest Fees must be paid before you go on the ice.

15. Coaches are in charge all the time on the ice. Any Club Coach or Board Member may ask any skater to leave the ice for unruly behavior.
16. Skaters are not permitted on the ice surface until the Zamboni doors have completely closed and a coach has given permission to enter the ice surface.

17. Only members in "Good Standing" with the Club will be allowed to take Tests, participate in any competition or participate in our Ice Show.

18. It is suggested that all skaters wear proper clothing appropriate for their sessions. Jeans are not allowed.
19.Membership Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination Policy
20.Membership Complaints Policy
Any complaints should be directed to the Board in writing ( The Board will discuss the complaint at the next board meeting and inform the parties about their decision.
Membership Complaints Policy

Etiquette on StarSkate session
1. The following order determines the RIGHT OF WAY during StarSkate sessions:

           1. Pair Skating - Ice dance or Freeskate        
           2. A skater whose music is being played-solo, interpretive or dance music
          3. A skater who is receiving a lesson. In the event 2 skaters, who are both in lessons, get into each other's way they should be courteous, apologize and move on. Adjust pattern or timing to avoid each other. Coaches can assist by directing their skater. 
           4. Skaters who are practicing.

2. Skate responsibly by watching out for others, keep heads up and watch out for other skaters.
3. The use of profane language is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
4. Skaters are expected to be polite and courteous while on the ice and in the arena and must act with due regard and consideration for others both on and off the Ice. Failure to do so will result in a warning or removal of the offending skater from the ice and/or the Arena.
5. Be alert for other skaters at all times. If you fall, do not sit or lie on the ice (unless injured).

Get up quickly to avoid being hit by other skaters.

6. Kicking or Digging! Defacing the Ice with skate blade is prohibited.
7. Do not interrupt a Professional Coach who is giving a lesson to another skater.
8. Please do not stand and talk on the ice. However, if necessary, please speak by the boards and not in the middle of the rink or in the rink corners.