The Prejunior STARSkate program is intended to be an introduction to figure skating for CANSkaters between Badge 4 and Badge 6.
Upon their coach`s recommendation, a CANSkater can register for an accelerated combined CANSKATE-PREJUNIOR program which will allow them to continue progressing to their Badge 6 in their CANSkate session while being introduced to the Figure Skating program in their JUNIOR STARSkate session.
The PREJUNIOR program fee includes:
- Two 15 minute Group Lessons and
- One 10 minute Stroking Lesson

Private coaching also available. It is recommended that the PREJUNIOR take this opportunity to work with various coaches to help them choose whom they will engage privately once they progress up to the JUNIOR STARSkate level.

PreJunior session is offerd on Wednesdays (5:00pm-6:00pm) and on Saturdays (10:40am-11:50am).

The Georgetown Skating Club will host a PREJUNIOR StarSkate information session on Wednesday, December 6th at MoldMasters SportsPlex, TransCanada Rink C from 5-6pm.  There will be an on-ice session for the skaters; while the parents have the opportunity to listen to a presentation from board members and ask questions.

For more information, please feel free to speak with any of our coaching staff in person or via e-mail, or email our administrator at