Equipment Information - What you will need:
  • Hockey skates or figure skates. They should have laces.
  • Leather skates with good ankle support are recommended not plastic adjustable or bob skates.
  • Make sure they are sharpened.
Helmet –CSA approved
  • Hockey helmet with a face cage is not mandatory but recommended as an additional layer of protection.
  • Have the store clerk adjust the helmet to your child.
  • Don’t have ponytails or hats on under the helmet.
  • Bike helmet, skateboarding helmets and skiing helmet will not be accepted
  • Water proof pants or snow pants.
  • Waterproof mittens or gloves
  • Remember your child will be exercising so multiply layers of clothing are not always needed. A winter jacket over cloths is often enough. Layers hinder movement.
What to expect on the first day:

  • Arrive early 20-25min before the start time and check in at the Registration table. This is usually a very busy time often resulting in a line up for tag collection.
  • Collect your name tag and your coloured pipe cleaner from the table.
  • After checking on the screen the assigned dressing room proceed to the dressing rooms to put on your skates. Dressing rooms are located on the left side of the rink under the stadium seating.
  • It’s always a good idea to make a quick stop to the washroom before they step on the ice.
  • Clip your name tag onto your jacket and the pipe cleaner goes to the very bottom lace of your skate.
  • Skaters then wait at the rink door until they are welcomed onto the ice by a coach or Program Assistant (PA).
  • PreCan skaters enter the ice at the front side door, CanSkaters enter the ice at the back-side door
  • Parents MUST stay in the arena. Parents are welcome to watch their children from the stadium seats, or from the viewing area of the lobby. Please do not use the player’s benches or the penalty box. We reserve these areas for our equipment and coaches.
  • During the first few lessons your child may be moved between groups, we continually assess the skaters so that they are with children of like abilities.
  • At the end of the lesson, collect your child at the same door where you dropped them off.

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